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Home-grown in Mobile, Alabama

About Us

My name is Tres Swails, born and raised right here in Mobile, Alabama, and now residing in Daphne.  I graduated with a degree in business from the University of South Alabama, and I am now living my dream of doing home improvements in my hometown.  I started in construction working for Habitat For Humanity, building homes for those in need.  When I saw a friend's brand new epoxy floor in his garage, I knew that this product would change the way concrete floors would be done.  The bare concrete floor has been a standard for more than 100 years.  Not any more.  Our epoxy floors are the new best practice for flooring.  They are beautiful, valuable, durable, long-lasting, and safer than concrete owing to the no-slip surface.


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Our Mission: 
Happy Customers

Our paramount goal is to make our customers happy.  We do this by delivering the highest quality products and services.  But we go beyond that.  We are always available to talk to our customers to meet their needs. We deliver what YOU want, not what we think you want.  When you reach out to my company, you will talk directly to me, Tres Swails.  My mission is you.  

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